TRICKS & AKC Tricks Titling (Novice & Intermediate) May 7 - June 11 2024 7:30pm at Tropical Park - Instructor: Rickee

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This class is open to all dogs, puppy thru seniors.

Any dog can learn and perfect new tricks, and trick training is becoming more popular with both pet owners and experienced dog sports competitors. AKC Trick Dog is a great way to bond with your dog and provide your pet with mental and physical exercise.

One of the best parts is that you can even earn titles from home. But what is an AKC Trick Dog competition, and how can you start competing with your dog?

What Is Trick Dog?

Dogs perform individual tricks to earn a Trick Dog title. At the highest level of performance, Trick Dog routines tell a story. Tricks are categorized by their level of difficulty, and the higher the level of competition, the more difficult the tricks that your dog will need to perform.