The first meeting of Miami Obedience Club was held on Dec 11, 1961.  Anyone interested in dog obedience was encouraged to attend.  After a general discussion explaining the many purposes of an obedience club, an election of officers was held so that the functions of the club could begin.  

Letters were sent to the AKC stating the club's intention of becoming an AKC sanctioned club, and after much correspondence, the AKC approved the club to hold sanctioned matches.  The first of these matches was held in 1962, followed by 3 additional matches the next year.

Twenty eight months after the first Miami Obedience Club meeting, the AKC permitted us to host our first licensed trial.  This first trial took place on April 19, 1964 realizing the dream of becoming an AKC licensed club.

Over the years, Miami Obedience Club has hosted over 90 Obedience trials.  We have branched out to offer training and trials in Agility and Rally as well.