Obedience Club has collected an extensive library of books and videos on dog training.
  • The library is available to club members in good standing to "check out" items for a maximum period of 2 monthsYou may check out a maximum of 2 items at a time. 
  • To check out something from the library, contact Barbara Glancy by email at with a detailed message  of which book or video you  are requesting and a call back number.  Barbara will contact you to make arrangements on where and when you can meet to get the item (usually club meetings or training dates).
  • Lost or non-returned items will be paid for in full by the borrower no later than 1 month after their due date.  The borrower will  no longer be a club member in good standing, and lose voting privileges until either the fine is paid or the items returned or replaced to the library in good condition.




Introductory Agility Workbook                                     Clean Run

Intermediate Agility Workbook                                     Clean Run

Advanced Agility Workbook                                        Clean Run

Exercise Sourcebook                                                    Clean Run

The Clothier Natural Jumping Method                           Clothier, Suzanne

Agility Is Habit Forming                                                 Dugan, Andrea

Switching Sides                                                             Guetzloff, Kay

Agility Fun The Hobday Way – Vol. 1                          Hobday, Ruth

Agility Fun The Hobday Way – Vol. 2                          Hobday, Ruth

Agility Fun The Hobday Way – Vol. 3                          Hobday, Ruth

Do It Yourself Agility Equipment                                   Hutchins, Jim

In Focus                                                                       Jones, Deb & Keller, Judy

The Agility Dog                                                             Lewis, Peter

Course Analysis                                                            Mah, Stuart

Fundamentals of Course Design for Dog Agility             Mah, Stuart

Excelling at Dog Agility Book 1 (Obstacle Training)       Simmons- Moake, Jane

Excelling at Dog Agility Book 2 (Sequence Training)     Simmons- Moake, Jane

Excelling at Dog Agility Book 3 (Advanced Training)     Simmons- Moake, Jane

Jumping A-Z                                                                 Zink, Christine & Daniels, J.





How To Live With A Neurotic Dog                               Baker, Stephen

Understanding Dog Mind                                               Bergin, Bonnie

Why Does Your Dog Do That?                                     Bergman, Goran

Fear No More – Competing With Confidence               Cecil, B & Darnell, G

Body Posture & Emotions                                             Clothier, Suzanne

Bones Would Rain From The Sky                                 Clothier, Suzanne

Finding A Balance                                                         Clothier, Suzanne

The Seven C’s                                                              Clothier, Suzanne

Understanding & Teaching Self Control                         Clothier, Suzanne

Small Animal Behavior                                                  Friskies


Don’t Shoot The Dog – Study Guide                             Kopp, James Ph.D.

Smart Trainers, Brilliant Dogs                                        Lewis, Janet

Don’t Shoot The Dog                                                    Pryor, Karen

EXCEL-erated Learning                                                Reed, Pamela

That Winning Feeling                                                     Savoie, Jane

Rosetta Bone                                                                Smith, Cheryl

Dog Problems                                                               Weston, David & Ruth

No Bad Dogs                                                                Woodhouse, Barbara





Volunteering With Your Pet                                             Burch, Mary  Ph.D

Dancing With Your Dog – The Book                               Davis, Sandra

Partners In Independence                                                Eames, Ed & Toni

Dig In (Earthdog)                                                             Migliorini, Mario

Flyball Racing                                                                  Olson, Lonnie

Save That Dog                                                                 Palika, Liz

On The Trail With Your Canine Companion                     Smith, Cheryl





Dog Care & Training                                                       AKC

The Complete Dog Book                                                 AKC

Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover’s Soul                          Canfield, Jack

The Road To Westminster                                               Freeman, Robert & Toni

Memoirs of a Papillon                                                      Fried, Dennis Ph.D

Living With Small & Toy Dogs                                         Jester, Terry

Dogs Never Lie About Love                                            Masson, Jeffery

50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Dog                              Moore, Arden

Dog Crafts: More Than 50 Grrreat Projects                      Needham, Bobbie

Separate Lifetimes                                                            Townsend, Irving

Dogs, A Historical Journey                                               Wendt, Lloyd





Veterinary Advice For Gundog Owners                         Averis, Gillian

Guide To Hereditary & Congenital Diseases in Dogs      Canine Consumer

Physical Therapy For The Canine Athlete                       Clothier & Lesser, DVM

Your Athletic Dog                                                          Clothier, Suzanne

Hypothyroidism                                                              Daniels Pharmacy

Performance Dog Nutrition                                             Jacobs, Dr. Jocelyn

Waltham Book of Dog & Cat Nutrition                           Edney, ATB

Canine Pediatrics                                                            Fox, MW DVM

Canine Dentistry                                                              Frost, Patricia DVM

Canine Reproduction                                                       Holst, Phyllis

New Discoveries in Gastrointestinal Disease                     IAMS

The Forum Collection                                                      Kal- Kan

Dr. Kidd’s Guide to Herbal Dog Care                             Kidd, Randy DVM, Ph.D

Pet First Aid (ARC & AHSA)                                         Mammato, Bobbie

Natural Remedies For Dogs & Cats                                 Puotinen, C.J.

Chronic Diarrhea In Dogs                                                 Waltham

Gastroenterology                                                              Waltham

Peak Performance                                                            Zink, Christine DVM

Dog Health & Nutrition For Dummies                               Zink, Christine, DVM





Beyond Basic Dog Training                                           Bauman, Diane

Beyond Basic Dog Training – The Workbook               Bauman, Diane

Paw-sitive Dog Training – A Fun & Simple Guide          Bauman, Diane

Mother Knows Best – The Natural Way                        Benjamin, Carol Lee

Purely Positive Training                                                  Booth, Sheila

Play Training Your Dog                                                  Burnham, Patricia

Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act                        Byron, J & Yuneh, A

Competition Obedience For The Small Dog                     Cecil & Darnell

Beyond Obedience                                                          Frost, April

Best Foot Forward                                                          Handler, Barbara

Obedience Training From the Dog’s Point of View           Howard, Judie

Choose To Heel                                                               Jacs, Dawn

SuperTraining Your Dog                                                   Loeb, P & Banks, J

The Power of Positive Dog Training                                  Miller, Pat

How To Be Your Dog’s Best Friend                                 Monks of New Skete

Obedience Judging                                                            Oxandale, William

Attention Training & Heeling: What Other                          Rosbach-Chandler, R

        Books Didn’t Teach You 





Obedience Lesson Plans (Novice)                                            Carson & Coryell

Obedience Lesson Plans (Open & Utility)                                 Carson & Coryell

Dogs Are Problem Solvers (Workbook)                                   Cleveland, Connie

Fun & Games With Dogs                                                          Hunter, Roy

More Fun & Games With Dogs                                                Hunter, Roy

Fun Nosework For Dogs                                                          Hunter, Roy

Kennelwood Basic Manual                                                       Kennelwood

Dogs Self - Trained, A Training Manual                                    Self, Robert

Dogs Self – Trained, Advanced Training                                   Self, Robert

Dogs Self – Trained, Improving The Obedience Dog                 Self, Robert

Obedience Class Instruction for Dogs                                        Strickland, Winifred

Games People Play To Train Their Dogs                                   Ryan, Terry

Life Beyond Block Heeling                                                       Ryan, Terry

Toolbox for Remodeling Your Problem Dog                             Ryan, Terry

Training Your Dog – The Step By Step Manual                         Volhard & Fisher





Breeds By Group                                                                     AKC

DNA & AKC                                                                          AKC

Paw-sitive Dog Training                                                            Bauman, Allan

Obedience Retrieve                                                                  Bauman, Diane

Scent Discrimination                                                                 Bauman, Diane

Competing With A Small Dog                                                   Cecil & Darnell

Dogs Are Problem Solvers  Tape 1                                           Cleveland, Connie

Dogs Are Problem Solvers  Tape 2                                           Connie Cleveland

Dogs Are Problem Solvers  Tape 3                                           Connie Cleveland

Your Athletic Dog                                                                    Clothier, Suzanne

Agility Fix- IT     (DVD)                                                           Daniels, Julie

Crate Games    (DVD)                                                             Garrett, Susan

Gentle Leader Video                                                               

Choose To Heel 2                                                                    Jacs, Dawn

Bodywork For Dogs                                                                Jones & Vaughn

Walking The Course     (DVD)                                                 Keats, Kathy

Training The Agility Dog                                                           Lewis, Peter

The Sorcerer and The Apprentice                                             Ray, Mary

Go The Distance Vol. 1  (DVD)                                               Peardot- Goudy, S

99’AKC Nationals                                                                   Reed, Randy

Calming Signals – What Your Dog Tells You                            Rugnas, Turid

Competitive Agility Training I (Obstacles)                                  Simmons- Moake, Jane

Competitive Agility Training II (Sequences)                               Simmons- Moake, Jane

Competitive Agility Training III (Advanced Skills)                      Simmons- Moake, Jane

Training Video – Level I (Obedience)                                        Volhard





The Rally Course Book                                                            Dearth, Janice

Rally-O, An Introduction                                                          Kramer, Charles

Rally-O, Revised                                                                      Kramer, Charles

Rally-O, 3rd Edition                                                                   Kramer, Charles





Following Ghosts                                                                      Clothier & Rice

Shaping a TD & TDX                                                               Dugan, Andrea

Koehler Method of Training Tracking Dogs                               Koehler, William

Try Tracking!                                                                           Krause, Carolyn

Component Training for Variable Surface Tracking                    Presnall, E & Bergeon, C

Enthusiastic Tracking                                                                Sanders, William





Click n’Sniff                                                                             Jones, Deborah Ph.D

Teaching Clicker Classes                                                          Jones, Deborah Ph.D

Click to Calm                                                                           Parsons, Emma

Clicker Training for Obedience                                                 Spector, Morgan





Building Blocks for Performance                                               Anderson, Bonnie

Understanding Puppy Testing                                                    Clothier, Suzanne

Kennelwood Puppy manual                                                      Kennelwood

How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With                               Rutherford & Neil

Puppy Manners                                                                        Self, Robert